Priscilla’s adventure continues across the Outback

Day 4 Wednesday Kulgera to Coober Pedy – our Queen of the Desert sparkles in the Aussie outback On the road to Control Stop 6 at Kulgera – the southernmost permanent settlement in the Northern Territory with a population of just 50 people. Our custom built trailer from Motorsport Hauler sure captured plenty of attention along the way. The ATN … Read More

Priscilla’s adventure, the first three days

We were delighted to race around the main circuit with an average speed of 77.8 kph and record the fastest lap of all the Cruisers of 2:13.40. Priscilla was tenth overall, beating two-thirds of the Challenger cars.

The stage is set for a faaabulous adventure – introducing Priscilla

Can a sleek, sporty, Aussie outback Queen, steal the crown from the seemingly unconquerable Dutch champions, in this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge? That’s the question Australia’s first national, five state, five university collaboration, known as The Australian Technology Network (ATN) Solar Car Team, hope they can answer with a resounding yes. At her launch today, the hot pink spotlight … Read More

Aussie teams power up on home grown technology

Australian teams competing in the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) in October this year will be packing a power-filled punch under their solar hoods when they line up on the starting grid, thanks to technology developed in Brisbane.

Video – A solar electric sports car named Priscilla

Five states. Five Universities. One Team. And One Desert Queen. The ATN Solar Car Team. In a solar electric sports car named Priscilla. On an outback adventure like no other – the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The Cruiser design of the future is taking shape

Our diverse crews from QUT, UTS, QUT, RMIT, UniSA and Curtin have gone virtual, 3D and old-school and shaped, moulded, modelled and baked our solar car into the Cruiser design of the future to take on the BWSC!

Studio design progress at RMIT

Students from RMIT presented their design work to show their progress over the past 4 weeks, leading into final assessment. With RMIT Senior Lecturer Simon Curlis back on the scene after a few weeks off, he offered some great advice for students going forward. He liked the look of many presentations, however, he was both constructive and critical at times, … Read More