The Australian Technology Network to debut in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

The Australian Technology Network to make their debut in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 

The five universities under the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN): Curtin University, University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia and RMIT University will come together to enter their first ever solar car in the history of ATN.

The ATN Solar car will compete in the Cruiser Class category of the event, which recognises the imperatives of sustainable transport. The class is judged on a team’s energy efficiency, design and the practicality of the car.

In what will be a great initiative for the ATN, it will provide students with the opportunity to work with colleagues from other universities.

The University of Technology Sydney will work on the initial design concept phase and the mechanical stream (wheels, suspension, steering and brakes.) The University of South Australia will focus on project management, performance modelling and solar collector design.

RMIT University will delve into the design of the overall body structure, interior space and component integration. This will include the dashboard, steering wheel, fluid management, chair and stereo etc.

The Queensland University of Technology will design the high voltage electrical stream (solar collector, battery and motors), whilst Curtin University will do the low voltage electrical stream (driver controls, lighting, instrumentation and telemetry).

With 18 months out from the event, students from each uni will be busy working in their selected areas before collaborating on a later date.

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